Uncomfortable Feeling

When you’ve known someone for a while, you automatically notice them day to day and develop a relationship with those persons. It’s Impossible not to. When you pass them in the hallway, your eyes meet, and you get this clinging feeling in your gut that you cannot look away. It’s like slowing down after a car crash. You have to watch, but it becomes personal. You get thinking, what if that were me? And of course you don’t want to be the bitch and be the first to look away, so you two are staring uncomfortably in the hall for the past fifteen minutes and everyone around you cannot shake the awkward feeling that you should be talking to each other. They sense a connection. Just like those car crash victims getting loaded into the ambulance. You can’t help but think, that could’ve been me. Once you notice something rift between someone or something, then that could mean that everything’s changed. For better or worse.


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